1. Just found this Rory, watched almost all Marks Vlogs with you guys in it, you get a subscribe from me on this channel keep up the good work. Less quirky close ups tho they're a bit too copycatish, be yourself mate that's why ppl like the Raymundo/Ray/7

  2. Before seeing you and Mark Crossfield playing there, i had no idea there was even more than one course in the Algarve. In fact, I thought "Algarve" was the name of the course. 😔

  3. Don't listen to the whingers Raymondo, get your face right up in that screen.
    Hard to get a word in when Mr Parfield is about I expect, so it's nice to see the real Rory on cam.

  4. I'm lucky enough to live around the corner from Espiche golf club in the Western Algarve close to Lagos. Challenging to play in the wind and very tight. Been a member for a year and loving it.

  5. Hi, Monte Rei is a must 1hr from vilamoura but well worth the trip, the service and greeting is just superb, and the golf course even better, and you receive a badge engraved with your name on it , bronze on your first visit,silver on your second visit but you only get two, no gold on your third visit. # Magnificent

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