1. i'll snowboard like a champ,high as gas…wtf is this guy talking about "it's not a good combination" …its an excellent combination..nothing like gettin nice on trees and then takin a cruise through 'em..

  2. How on earth has tobacco industry stayed out of Marijuana this long… The plans on product replacement have been ready for years and cultural trend is clear, I want my Marlboro greens…

  3. We need more mellow people in the world. By default, ALL city people should be allowed weed. Notice how much more cunty people become in cities, versus people near coastal areas, or at least outside of cities.

  4. 3:23 Ana covered my concerns for the direction of pot. When it becomes legalized you'll have large corporations getting a hold of it, growing their own, mass producing shitty weed, spraying god only knows what on it and tada. What'll make matters worse is im sure once we get to that point, laws will be passed making it harder to do large scale home grows to sell to dispensaries,etc. Corporations, and government getting their pockets lined will most likely bully the shit out of small, but quality "mom and pop" cannabis supplies and when it comes to weed, you'll most definitely prefer that even if it's more expensive compared to prerolled joints next to the cigarettes.

  5. Will John Denver's Rocky Mtn High be the states official song?  There is no reason to go to Colo, its been cheap in Calif since late 2010. $125 for one Oz. $1000 lb. Go To Mendocino> There is no reason for a price up surge. None.  prices have been low for 4 years and legalization wont cause a price increase.

  6. Mecical Marijuana should be completely immune to any supply issues due to the stipulation that you can grow up to 6 plants (3 mature and 3 young). There is practically no way to screw up growing one of these plants. Probably the easiest thing to do.

    Additionally, concerning the pesticide thing you mentioned, I think that's really not a problem at all with cannabis. I mean, this plant is like a super weed of sorts.

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