1. If you accidentally going to the Blue Oyster Bar you better damn sure, they them by dancing but I would dance is that I accidentally went in there but maybe I accidentally didn't

  2. Back when gays were fun people instead of mean spirited, full of self-loathing and leftist political ideology spewing assholes. Even now I'd rather be around 100 gay men than 10 gay women. They're the worst.

    Meet a non libtarded gay person, and you'll meet a very cool person Nothing wrong with wanting gay marriage, that doesn't make you a libtard. The marxism and victimization for political gain does.

  3. back in the 90s there was a club called the blues bar my sister dropped me an my neice there she reckons do u want to get dropped at the blue oyster bar i bol my neice said mums an idiot bwahahaha!!!!

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