1. Well done guys. Did this 15 years ago when Perisher Blue had 50 lifts. Weren't allowed in Milo Land on Front Valley and, like you, didn't ride the SkiTube which is considered a lift as each passenger needs a ticket to ride it.

  2. Re: Home Rope Tow! We DID ride the rope tow but I opted not to put the footage in as it was boring as batshit! We also managed to get all the carpets in (just didnt get the J-bar in kiddie-land as we weren't allowed to)

  3. I completed this challenge just on Sat (Aug 24th 2013).

    2 of us started out at Smiggins at 9am and finished with 45 mins to spare.

    We took a different path, but basically started at Smigs and finished at Smigs.
    And I even rode the Home Rope tow!.

    Be aware, that you can't ride the Tom Thumb J-Bar in the Milo kids area on Front Valley. They won't let you in :)

    Been meaning to try this for so long, but with everything open atm. I had to do it, it ends up a fun day actually.

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