1. great! I like how you use photo and video together. I guess I hadn't realized that using photos can offer a great video and perspective on a place. I am inspired to use more photos in my youtube videos. Thanks!

  2. What place do you recommend for a holiday with friends? (~17-18 years old), We like to do activities like parasailing, canoeing etc.

  3. Great video! In late November, I will in Albufeira for the winter months and I'm looking forward to some sightseeing around the Algarve area. Thanks for the ideas of a few towns to visit. :)

  4. I want to visit the Algarve region with my girlfriend this summer but we are still not sure where exactly we want to go. Our main goal is to have variety since we plan a 2 week stay. We like to see historical sights and beautiful cities as well as beautiful places in the nature. We also like to spend a couple of days just laying on the beach. So what do you think is the best place to chose for us? Albufeira looks beautiful in my opinion and it is pretty central so visiting Faros for a day is an option i guess. Also what are the prices like in Portugal for food, taxi or even bike or car renting? Amazing video btw :)

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