1. I know that for numeric reasons, other amazing cities would not appear in the video, but come on…Guimarães has the former home castle of the founder of the country (D. Afonso Henriques). But the most strange absence in this top is the city of Braga for me. Braga is the oldest city of the country with many architectonic beauties back from the roman empire: Sé de Braga, the Bom Jesus monastery up in the hill with an amazing panoramic sight of the entire city, the central avenue with its beautiful fountain and buildings that scream Rome all over the place, it goes on and on. You can't get any more attractive and cultural than that in this country.

    By any means am I trying to denegrate the cities in this top, lets make that clear. But you know…

  2. portugal= most under rated country in europe hands down doesn't get the credit it deserves!!! I visited Sintra , Lisbon, cascias! beautiful and cheap you win no matter what! 😀

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