1. I don't think everyone needs to be annoyed and saying they are uncomfortable with their sexuality. Not everything is about that and they could just be uncomfortable with being close with other people. I don't like being touched and feel really awkward, especially if it was videoed and I felt pressured. I loved the video. Let's not assume things just to make a big deal about it and complain.

  2. Cant wait till this lil shithead is in one of those "LIFE COMES AT YOU FAST" commercials with Kevin Federline working @ a Rallys! he's going to look pretty fucking stupid when he grows up and has no money and his face looks like he fell asleep on a vibe magazine adds page….P.S…he'll be buying his house with that equally stupid bitch Kylie Jenners credit card! What a freak show these people are!

  3. Yo xD So normally I think to myself, "it's okay that James is being a dick, surely his show can pay for the damages, they get free publicity, and it's all fun and laughs =P." But the fact that James was actively trying to F**k this listing up xD. You can't make up for the 20,000,000 dollar loss bro! Takes this whole idea to a new level x]. Can't believe he went through with this =P.

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