1. This show is more fake than pro wrestling. They don't actually sell those properties (many are still listed for sale after the deals "close" on TV) or they have already been sold and they make up a fake script and contrived drama to "sell" them again.

  2. On this show it's always the tackiest nouveau riche apts, in giant eyesore glass buildings that are being built in Tribeca. The client is always some douchebag white guy who works in finance. I love NYC real estate but I wish they featured some pre-war buildings, or brownstones, the type of things that are historical and unique about the city. That gold bathroom? blegh

  3. I can't wait for MDLNY to come back. Lookig forwarf to getting to know the new guy. The shot of Luis made me the happiest whether, full time cast member or not such a big part of the show.

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