1. If you're going down the rabbit hole of cheap slip joint/friction folder/traditional knives (a hole I'm now just climbing out of), try the large Schrade Imperial Sodbuster.

  2. Excellent production. Wonderful writing. Thank you. Unfortunately, I'm starting to understand my collection of over built knives won't help me cut paper and spread peanut butter sandwiches.

  3. No more punching old ladies just for saying hello? So, are we supposed to wait around for them to give us another reason to punch them? Cause ain't nobody got time for that. There are AdvancedKnifeBro videos that still need watching.

  4. What did you do in the mini grip review to scare off benchmade? Demand a gold class? They're douches anyway. You like them? Well now you have the privilege of paying even more for liking them. Spyderco too. It's getting expensive to get bug symbols on your knives.

  5. I confess, I laughed out loud at "Molly Bend Um." Please forgive the chemistry snob in me. It's more like "Moh-LIB-Dih-Num". And more importantly, thanks for the review of a MAM knife. I've wondered about them, but there's not a lot of reviews available. Also, what's wrong with using real estate to launder money? The sitting (the "H" is silent) president does it, so it MUST be okay.

  6. This has to be my favourite channel I discovered in 2017. I don't really have any good reason to claim so, I can't argue about it but hey, at least I am able to form an opinion so I guess it's a good place for me to visit.

  7. I dig this new direction! That sounds like "nude erection." Also, maybe try the Mercator next. I think you'd get a kick out of that one. Also also, massage therapist is just one missing space from "massage the rapist." The more you know.

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