1. Am still speechless … All this because a conman stumbled upon a huge and lucratice easy money venture.

    There should be a limit to the wealth that a man can transfer from one generation to the next.

  2. Royal Dutch Shell founder Sir Henri Deterding became an ardent Nazi and a great friend of Hitler and Goring. He moved to Germany with his Nazi wife. His huge donations helped to fund the Nazi military build up. In pre-WW2 years, Shell boasted about its support for Germany. When he died just before the outbreak of WW2, Sir Henri was honoured by a spectacular Nazi funeral with personal wreaths from Hitler and Herman Goring. See shellnazihistory.com which has a vast amount of evidence confirming Shell's toxic Nazi history, including film footage of Sir Henri giving a "Sieg Heil" salute to hundreds of assembled Shell workers.

  3. Remember how the same people hired scientists and paid doctors to keep telling us that leaded gasoline had no impact on our lives and health ?
    No? Youre too young then.

    Long story short, its reeeaaal bad for you and thats why it doesnt exist anymore, someone blew the whistle on that lie in the 80s.

  4. I am fucking blown away 😳. I knew things were bad, like really bad, but this is just straight retarded. I hope that those who harmed the World will get delt with by some higher force. We the people suffer due to never ending greed of these monsters.

  5. Keep in mind. The same people who own the oil…. own the entire financial system of the world. They also own ALL world organizations…..UN, WHO, WTO, CFR and on and on and on and on.

  6. So after knowing who controls the education system does everyone who watched this program still believe that Hitler was the most evil man on the planet? And that they had systematised gassing operations to kill Jews in fake showers? It should make us question everything. Think about it 'the most evil men' in recent times all went against the Oiligarchs…. Hitler, Gadafi, Hussein…

  7. every person who commented referencing Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan comment again please highlighting what you are gonna do to help or prevent this from continuing… just one more sentence on what you will do, even if its nothing at all, thanks

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