1. I think the agent is ripping them off! An apartment not a condo in Portugal doesnt cost that much! If it is malaysia they will have a pent house fullyfurnished wit the latest gadget and beautiful interior! And a private pool! This is a ripped off!

  2. OK, I just looked at those precarious stairs again, and woah, I would have to put up a stylish cast iron railing. It's just too dangerous. Very contemporary and stylish but still dangerous.

  3. Regarding Option # 3, one could put tread strips on the stairs, but one would definitely not want to slip off of those stairs. This said from someone whose ladder got away from her as she was climbing down from the attic and who snapped her ankle and broke ankle and foot in 7 places. I do like the pink bathroom a LOT, and frustratingly, I have seen on so many episodes of House Hunters bathrooms with pink and blue that were perfectly wonderful-looking that potential buyers didn't like. What's wrong with pink? What's wrong with baby blue?

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