1. Grant you are inspiring! I love these real in the moment videos, really helps with the learning curve. As someone who use to be an introvert and absolutely hated customer interactions and sales I have grew and now feel more comfortable. I have developed my own style of selling that makes people feel like they have a personal and trusting experience. I try to stay genuine to who I am but still try to maximize what I can get out of a situation by showing them the benifets. I will continue to put your tips into my own way of selling and become great like you

  2. Wth when he asks for referrals the guy on the phone was like "idk I gotta know if it works before I recommend anyone" then moments later he just automatically gives referrals?

  3. I've done sales for 14 years now and hit leading figures but would never listen to him, this guys giving an example of aggressive sales which yes does get results sometimes but in my opinion it's the lowest form of selling going. It's not clever and not something to feel accomplished about. When someone buys off me I like them to feel like they're buying it because they want too not because they've been bullied into it, he may have done well in life but I feel he's an insult to the sales world and sadly a sign of the times :( There are other ways!!!

  4. Hey Grant, It's Gordon and Leona from Toronto, Canada. Just a quick note to say that we watched your live sales reality show and we were absolutely "Blown Away!" You don't take no for an answer and you push, push, push until that door is opened and the deal looks pretty dang closed! Total Respect for what you do and we were just talking about how your process IS the next big reality tv show (and obviously all media). The minute we have actually have sales staff we will contact you. Cheers! Gordon and Leona, Shoppabilities

  5. He’s established himself immediately as not a dominant rude figure but important person that needs to be listen to because you have something to offer him, and then he qualifies the prospect by listening to his needs and getting to know him a little bit and then he goes for the close. Presence and tonality. I mean like it’s not fake you can’t fake that moxie is faking that, you got to come across just like him is like the quarterback who knows what’s up and let’s get it moving because I got to get on The next call I’m busy! Because other people want this now!

  6. at the end of the day, regardless of how you feel about GC, the dude truly cares and loves what he does, and he's done it in some of the toughest times in history. That's a fact.

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