1. Viewing a lot of prostitution & trafficking videos, repetitions that occur are:

    -lack of God & Jesus

    -people with qualifications but no heart for law (law is limited)

    -consensual and non-consensual low morals inducement

    -consensual and non-consensual trapped in prostitution

    -false shop fronts for prostitution (no police inquiry)

    -cheap alcohol

    -fake opportunities for women


    –money motivation



    -sexual abuse by own family members


    The solution is always Real law

    -God and Jesus

    -community esteem to draw others out of compulsions into critical analysis

    -people educated for morals and law

    -law to penetrate every level of society instead of limited

    -truthful shop front operations

    -100% verification of job legitimacy for women

  2. Plane & Bus Load Of Only Mans Traveling to Ukraine Everyday From Turkey , Ukraine Become Center of Sex Tourism most of the middle east and EU , Even USA Plane Load of Mans are Traveling Ukraine to Date Hot Girls .

  3. This is happening all over Europe, you need to get out more, Try St Pauli in Hamburg , La Rambla Barcelona………….. Riga is not a safe place to visit neither unless there are few of you.

  4. Every country where you can get prostitutes that easy should be ashamed of themselves. They are literally selling their own girls to get more tourists, which means money.

  5. All young women exploit male resources , including the narrator in this video who acts so high and mighty, typical English attitude, think that they are somehow better.

  6. Fucking idiots italian guys, they are always on groups!!! Never alone!!! They are like wolves!!! They have no balls to travel alone and catch girls!!!

  7. so the summary of Eastern Europe is- go for big dicks and big wallets. Nothing different from in Australia where tradies have all these gorgeous girls hanging around them even though most of those guys are pigs.

  8. Anastasian is ugly and diseased inbred looking. hope she is not the prostitute tourists go to visit. latvia is full of ugly women so is poland and czech slovakia and russia and ukrainian freaks. if u want nice sex industry go to south america. mongol bred slavs are greedy ugly needy cheap inbred diseased and nasty evil and will knife you or kill you and steal from you.

  9. mongol bred turk raped slavic yellow looking inbred freaks. just diseased retarded ugly whores and mongol yellow brain dead ugly inbred ivans igors lukas's and vlads on cheap vodka crminals pimps drug addicts thieves and murderers and killers and muggers nasty russian polish czech latvian sub human sewer greasy ugly retarded greedy starving freaks

  10. maybe the girls should stop fucking every guy who shows up in town with two coins to rub together? just one approach to the "problem" of lavian girls getting fucked by guys who don't live in town. I think that was the problem. And, what's a britsh man to do anyway, have you seen british women?

  11. I am a straight male and I visited Riga, Latvia to see the country! Sex tourism, that is everywhere in the world, you don't need to go to Riga to get it. Anyway, Riga and Latvia are beautiful places that are worth seeing. Old city in Riga is a great place to visit and the people living there are actually from Latvia! Great to visit a european country that migrants are not taking over!

  12. I realise this people are dumb . Not one single good comment . Easy to get girls because alcohol is cheap. Wtf. The most stupid excuse . Woman from that countries are like this. They want man to make their lives. Simple. Called them gold diggers . Hookers. Sluts . Not independence woman . Whatever . It's the culture like Russia

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