1. Story ❤️. Her chatter reminds me soooo much of my daughter at that age. She’d talk so much that when she went to daycare they told me she wouldn’t stop at nap time and would disrupt the others… BUT they adored her because it was always happy chatter 😊. I think Story brings back so many lovely memories for me and that’s one of the reasons I love your videos. So, Obrigada ~

  2. Story cam time is always a good laugh. That rain will wash away the dust & pollen nicely, the air will be fresher and cleaner tomorrow. Big sloppy kiss for the whole family.

  3. Great to see you all. Love Story cam. What a chatt-er-box! Must be some construction going on nearby. Maybe you can show us what the jackhammering was all about.

  4. This year it's been more of a normal year regarding the hay fever, last year was the odd year. That said, I'd prefer it was like last year because this time it has hit me as hard as it used to. : (

    I'm surprised that you never bought a cooling base for your laptop, J. If it's a must for normal work, it's even more of a must when you do video work.

    Ah, the nice weather at the end. We had thunderstorms down here but no rain to cool things down a bit, unfortunately.

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