1. When I enter the address on my 2017 clio and eventough I got the maps updated, it still directs me a very dangerous route and longer route instead of a better and more direct way?

  2. I don't find the MediaNav easy or very user friendly. As has already been mentioned on this thread, you can't put a full post code in on the 2014 Captur I drive, which renders it useless for addresses that do not fall in to the usual category of town, street etc! Just tried to put a country address in and can't get it anywhere even close, had no trouble with the TomTom system in the last Megane. It's taken me months to work out how to turn up the volume on it as well.

  3. Can someone tell me EXACTLY how to save a location where you are at 'present'. Meaning when I go somewhere new at random and I want to save that location how do I do it. I find sometimes I can do it real easily and then another time the option is unavailable and I just cannot save location.

  4. When we are using the sat Nav and the radio is on, when the Sat Nav 'talks' to us to give directional information, it seems to cut off the radio sound however we cannot hear the Sat Nav voice. How do we get it so we can hear the sat nav verbal instructions (with the radio on)? We have turned up the volume but the radio is loud and the Sat Nav voice is barely audible. Any advice will be appreciated. BTW, this is a 2013 Captur purchased used

  5. I can get the sat nav to work no problem but when I have reached my destination I can't get it to switch off so when I set off again it tries to take me back to the original destination……. very annoying as I am missing my radio!!!!.. any ideas folk?

  6. When trying to enter the postcode, follow the instructions the woman gives in the video – EXCEPT – you will read 'Town – or Postcode' in the instructions.
    THAT'S where you enter the postcode Took me two years to find that one out and someone showed me how to do it!

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