1. I was at The four seasons hotel and there was a terrible infestation. At night i would be getting bit and i would think that a mosquito got into the room ( it was raining all week) i sprayed every inch of the bed to box springs the seams i sprayed with OFF! And went back to sleep. The next morning i see a little bug with its back out got scared and got out of the bed. I checked where i sprayed the off at. Everywhere were dead bed bugs with thier backs ( when they die that happens) i called room service and to know tbhey have had that problrm in that room everytime they would get a new matress. So they were happy to know you can kill so many of them and the eggs. Moral of the story. Spray mosquito spray on them the fumes kill them

  2. Im fighting a small infestation. I really feel for people it is very stressful. They dont bother me as much im kinda an outdoorsman so i get eaten alive by the river and stuff but it is truley TRAUMATIC for some. I also have been taking 2 showers a day for years so its not just about being dirty, but that is where youll find the biggest infestations where down right filthy peolple live.

  3. God doesn’t had nothing to do with it. The politicians and environmentalists nuts mean the extremists are the guilty ones. They remove DDT who almost exterminated them and also the USA Western Europe does not share ddt with the poor countries special the Middle East where they originated and thru the carpet invaded Europe. Thanks for nothing extremist.😡😡😈🦅👹

  4. Heat HEAT HEAT!!! no fucking chemical works. heat is the only quick fix. yes you will completely get rid of them. they have trucks with big heat tubes that they put in your house. I'm no scientist but 7 months of dealing with these I got rid of them with just heat. never threw out any furniture or nothing. they know heat works and that's what pisses me off. bed bugs would be gone for good with heat. they can't withstand heat for more then 2 seconds. just the tiny bit of heat from a lightbulb kills them in 2 seconds. wow these gies can tell you where they hide but can't tell you what kills them. so the spray chemicals that can hurt you and your kids but they have no idea that heat kills them instantly. these ppl need to be fired cause they don't care about anyone going through this. its not funny period!!!!

  5. i had a bite a few weeks ago thought it was a spider got bit again tonight n i think thats why i woke up i checked my bed and found the little fucker. Hopefully its the only one.

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