1. The camera movement in this video is quite excessive. Anyway, I tried thuis out when in San Francisco. The line was rediculous because everyone had to check it out regardless if they needed to use the restroom or not. It took way too long between each use which added to the long line. They should have made it clean every so many uses or once every half hour or something like that.

  2. Dignity in public toilets, squat or not, with the new SQUAT KO BIDET or the KO BIDET !!! They abolish, or almost abolish toilet paper, replacing it with clean water (think the condition as it is now: filthy t. p. pieces around, blocked sewage etc) and discourage Piping Toms. Sanitary safety guaranteed.

  3. Used to have ones similar to that all over London in the late 80s early 90s. I was always told they had time limits and door opened whether you were finished or not. Don't know how true that ever was.

  4. Okay so children under 10 have to be accompanied by an adult? That's a little weird, I get accompanying a 2 year old but once your start getting into ages 5-6+ than it gets a little weird

  5. I would only use this bathroom if it was an absolute emergency. Seems overly engineered but somehow very gross. Now go and look up "green cages amsterdam public toilet" and you'll see what is the simplest design. We need more public restrooms without a doubt.

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